Cropped cabin
Many people know us as being in the "old log cabin and are interested in its history.

The cabin was built by the Noble family as a bar and grill in 1935. The cabin's vertical structure is unique to the area, as most are horizontal. Over the years, the cabin has been used as a private residence, several gift shops, antique shops, a thrift shop, a gun store and a hunt club.

In the late 1970's, the cabin was a shop called "Calico Unicorn" and was operated by the present-day occupant Barbara Bass. At that time, it was operated by Barbara, her mother Elva Gerlach and her sister Claudia Temple. They sold all handmade items. Barbara has come full circle back to the cabin - now operating as Mermaids Crossing - this time with her daughter and one of her daughter's childhood friends.